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Episode 93 QRP (Life's long enough)
Everything you've always wanted to know about QRP wouldn't fit in this program But we do talk about ... ...
Added By: YouTube
X1M Platinum Unboxing - QRP Amateur Radio Transceiver
Jan 6th 2014 - Just received a new QRP radio in the mail and filmed a quick unboxing for anyone inte... ...
Added By: HamRadioNow
Retro QRP Intro
Move over K2 Is QRP possible with a 2 peanut tube station? This is hard core QRP with primitive homebrew equipment ...
Added By: Aaren Jensen
Cheap, Quick, Easy to Build, Works Great QRP Portable Antenna!
Using a couple of Dollar Tree earphone cases and a few inexpensive items in your ham shack you can build a very effective portable QRP Antenna ...
The Heathkit HW-8 QRP Transceiver
In this video we look at the Heathkit HW-8, a QRP CW amateur radio transceiver We look at the histor... ...
Added By: W5CYF / TinkerJohn
Bad Ass! ICOM AH-703 5 band antenna Great QRP mil-spec antenna
This HF/VHF 5 band antenna is worth every dollar Quick deployable for preppers, hams, FEMA, and mili... ...
Added By: Jeff Tranter
KK6RF QRP Portable in Eucalyptus Park, Anaheim, California
KK6RF QRP Portable in Eucalyptus Park, Anaheim, California 4/23/2014 QSOs on 15m SSB with NP4EG 130,... ...
Added By: N2RRAny
EFE-40m SSB QRP Transceiver prototype
EFE-40m SSB QRP 7MHz (40 meter) monoband kit is a NE602-based superheterodyne HF transceiver with AD9833 based DDS VFO ...
Added By: filmlinestudios
My QRP go kit backpack with IC-703+ ham radio
This video shows my portable ham radio station go kit It is contained in a backpack from PowerPort (http//wwwpowerportstorecom/) My lovely wife had th ...
Added By: TA3AMT
Yaesu 817ND QRP Contacts
QRP Operations on Lookout Mountain, Alabama ...
Added By: w2aew
X1M 1-30 MHz SSB/CW QRP Transceiver from China
A nice little 5 watt low cost transceiver Any questions? email me at Gary (at) kf9cm (dot) com ...
Added By: AI4QT
QRP Ham Radio Station Setup and Operation
In this video I show how to set up and operate a complete QRP ham radio station using the Two Tinned... ...
Added By: Gary Giles
Highlights from Melbourne QRP by the Bay November 2014 - Chelsea beach
Highlights from QRP by the Bay November 2014, a gathering of Melbourne QRPers held at Chelsea beach ... ...
Added By: Jeff Tranter
15 QRP books reviewed in 7 minutes
A fast review of 15 books on QRP construction and operating - all done in 7 minutes Many are out of ... ...
Added By: vk3ye
QRP КВ трасивер X1M
X1M SSB/CW HF TRANSCEIVER Приобретал тут http//wwwdxnewradiocom/product_infophp?product... ...
Added By: vk3ye
Three features every homebrew QRP CW rig must have
How do you know if that simple QRP design is going to get you contacts or not? Have a look at its fe... ...
Added By: Dmitry Meloun
MFJ CUB - 40m QRP Kit (ARRL Package)
Here on YouTubecom/NG9D we spend a lot of time fiddling around with low power (QRP) radio transmitte... ...
Added By: vk3ye
DDS kontroll grafik ekranl 40 M QRP 2
Homemade DDS kontroll grafik ekranl 40 M QRP 2 TB5XCOM https//plusgooglecom/photos/109702068533357288020/albums/6029941478831040513 ...
Added By: NG9D
Field day CW QRP
Aprendiendo telegrafia QSO QRP CW con S51NF, DL1KNV/P, DL4HH/M con el Manpacks desde la Cresta del G... ...
Added By: pashanline
Portable QRP Magnetic Loop Antenna (40-10m)
This is a home made portable, foldable and remote tunable magnetic loop antena for QRP operation (5W... ...
Added By: qrp cw
Yaesu 817 portable CW QRP
Aprendiendo telegrafia QSO CW con F6BAG/qrp que transmite con 2w desde ORLEANS Cresta del Gallo, cara norte, Murcia Yaesu 817ND Palm key ...
Added By: Dan Toma
KX9X - QRP To The Field 2013
A video tour of my simple 3 watt amateur radio station for the QRP To The Field event, April 27, 2013 ...
Added By: qrp cw
Solar powered QRP From Ponce Inlet Florida 4TH Of July Weekend 2014
Today we are at Ponce Inlet Florida on the northern end of new smyrna beach July-5-2014 doing some s... ...
Added By: kx9x
X1M PRO (Platinum) and AlexLoop Walkham - QRP DX
I have had the X1M Pro for a couple of weeks now and I have been enjoying (mostly) the rig It has a ... ...
Added By: videosbymike
'Tiny Toy' 40m CW QRP transceiver
For many years I've derided QRP crystal controlled transceivers (eg the Pixie) as toys There'd be ki... ...
Added By: vk3xpt
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